This update is the eighteenth in a series of regular updates on the state of the project.

Only changes that have been accepted and merged in Mobile NixOS are chronicled here. There’s always more work currently in-progress.

Notable changes

During the two months 12 pull requests were merged.

Stage-1 apps re-design

The applications for stage-1 were redesigned in #364. Though it is an understatement to imply that they only were redesigned. While, yes, this follows the design language of the redesigned website, some work was needed to achieve the result.

First, support for truetype fonts needed to be added to the GUI toolkit. While it may seem like it’s not required for this limited use case, in reality this not only allows using more fonts than the hardcoded ones, it allows scalable fonts. With these changes, text should be big and readable on all devices.

Truetype fonts support also gives us the ability to fall back to other fonts. This initial implementation falls back to FontAwesome, giving us access to the full library of glyphs, rather than a selected subset.

In addition to these user-facing changes, a lot of work was done to rework some parts of the implementation and packaging of these applications. This should reduce the burden on packaging new features or applications made with this toolkit.

In another pull request, large images were fixed. This fixes corruption with images with higher resolution devices.

Notable changes

Device-specific changes

Pinephone improvements

A flurry of changes for the Pinephone, most authored by @tomfitzhenry.

Succinctly, updates to the latest revisions for the different mainline components, and other fixes and feature enablement.


No new port were made in April. There is still a total of 21 devices you can build for.