This update is the eighth in a series of regular updates on the state of the project.

Only changes that have been accepted and merged in Mobile NixOS are chronicled here. There’s always more work currently in-progress.

Notable changes

Most of the 9 pull requests merged were trivial or minor changes. Though there’s still some notable changes.

Pinephone bluetooth support

It turns out all it needed was a trivial fix. Giving it the firmware it wanted adds proper support for bluetooth on the Pinephone.

If you are using the examples/demo rootfs, its configuration does not currently configure the system for audio with bluetooth. The instructions to configure audio for bluetooth are the same as usual, as Mobile NixOS is composed on top of NixOS.

Redmi Note 8 Pro

The port for xiaomi-begonia is mainly notable for being the first port for a Mediatek SoC.

I am singling out this port as a proof that the breadth-first development style is working well. Since Mobile NixOS had many abstractions needed for the existing different platforms, this new platform, and device, was ported without a sweat.

This also paves the way for other Mediatek ports by providing a working example. Coupled with #175, another, older, Mediatek device (merged in early July), there is enough material to give clues for future ports by community members.

New ports

One new device was merged this month.

Bringing the total of devices to 12.