This past October, on the 25th, a talk about Mobile NixOS was held at NixCon 2019, in Brno, Czechia. The talk was recorded and is on the NixCon YouTube page.

Bringing us to the next point: this new and shiny website. This is was described as the next step for the project. This website is built by blurring the difference between the documentation of the project and the website. This means that, hopefully, neither the website or the documentation will lag behind in relevance. Additionally, building the site and contributing should be as simple as contributing to the documentation. Hopefully simple enough.

Last, but not least, a few notes about the Hackday at the 2019 NixCon. I was left with approximately no time to work on things myself, but instead was found surrounded by bright individuals contributing neat stuff to the project. Those pull requests are a good sample of what was done, though early work on the OnePlus 5 was not advanced enough to be contributed back.

Wrapping this all nicely, I found that the main issue contributors around me had was the lack of documentation about the porting process. I knew it was an issue, hopefully this new website and progressing documentation helps.